Interest Facts – Scare Crow Trivia Questions And Answers

Question: Which is stronger, concrete or bone?

Answer: Bone

Useless fact: Human bones can actually withstand 40 times more stress than concrete. Don’t you think it’s true? Then imagine a piece of concrete the size of a bone and imagine how easily it would break.

Question: Which bird lays its egg in another bird’s nest?

Answer: Cuckoo, Thrush, Whyda, Honeycreeper and Sardinian Duck

Useless Fact: These birds, called brood parasites, lay their eggs in another bird’s nest and let the parents of other birds feed and raise their chicks. The “egg dropout” is then free to mate again and lay more eggs in another nest. The cuckoo is the best known brood parasite and an expert in the art of cruel deception. His strategy involves stealth, surprise, and speed. The mother removes an egg laid by the host mother, lays her own, and flies away with the host egg in her beak. The whole process takes just ten seconds. Cuckoos parasitize the nests of a wide variety of bird species, carefully mimicking the color and pattern of their own eggs to match those of their hosts. Each female cuckoo specializes in a particular host species. How the cuckoo manages to lay eggs to mimic each host’s eggs so precisely is one of nature’s greatest mysteries.

Question: What is the largest invertebrate?

Answer: Colossal Squid

Useless fact: One species of squid that is reported to be significantly larger than the giant squid is called the colossal squid, whose official name is Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni. In February 2007, a New Zealand fishing vessel surfaced a live colossal squid in Antarctic waters. Determined to be a male of the species, this huge squid measured 10 meters (32.8 feet) and weighed 450 kilograms (992 pounds), making it the largest squid (the largest invertebrate) ever caught. . What is even more surprising is that, from what scientists know about squid species in general, there is great sexual dimorphism in squid, with females being significantly larger than males. If that’s true for the colossal squid, this male specimen that was caught could well be dwarfed by a much larger female of the species.

Question: What does the first letter of a radio station’s call sign mean?

Answer: The location of the station.

Useless tip: Generally, in the United States, call signs start with K to the west of the Mississippi River and W to the east.

Question: Where was the first McD0nald’s located?

Answer: Arcade, California

Useless fact: Brothers Dick and Mac McDonald open a hot dog stand called the Airdome in Arcadia, California. In 1940, the brothers move to San Bernardino, California, on Route 66. After realizing that almost all of their profits came from hamburgers, the brothers closed the restaurant for several months in 1948 to implement their innovative “Speedee Service System.” “, an assembly line 안전사이트 optimized for hamburgers.

Question: What is the largest insect?

Answer: Acteon Beetle or Longhorn Beetle

Useless tip: There are different ways to measure the size of an insect, most people would consider the largest insect to be the bulkiest, and in that case the largest insect is the Acteaeom beetle from South America. Male beetles can measure 9 cm long by 5 cm wide by 4 cm thick. If you want to measure the largest size by overall size, take a look at the South American long-horned beetle (Titanus giganteus). These giants can be over 16 cm in body length (not including the antennae). Another beetle, Dynastes hercules, is also well known for reaching 16 cm in length. although it is not that heavy. The longest insect in the world is the stick insect (Pharnacia serritypes), whose females can reach more than 36 cm.